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Do you know someone moving to Portland in 2015? You probably do!

We’re over a week into 2015, which sounds very futuristic. So where is my flying car? I remember somebody saying there would be flying cars. Yet, my car hasn’t left the ground since that time I took a speed bump on SE Lincoln too fast. It’s still the same car. It hasn’t changed, and itContinue Reading

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Real Estate Timing in the Fall

People often ask us about market timing. When is the best time to search for a new home? When is the best time to put our home on the market? The real answer is that there is no real answer. Trying to play the market is a lot like gambling. Sometimes you win, sometimes youContinue Reading

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Kitchen Ideas on Tour

Portland’s Architectural Heritage Center is hosting their annual Kitchen Revival Tour this coming weekend. The tour opens restored and remodeled kitchens to the public. The focus, as you might imagine from the Architectural Heritage Center, is on kitchens that have retained the feel of the period in which they were built. It’s a great sourceContinue Reading

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Home Staging 101 – a few tips

By Andrew Hill Having trouble moving from “for sale” to “sold”?  In this buyer’s market, you are not alone. But there are a few important steps you can take to help yourself standout from the pack. The best thing to do in nearly every situation will be hiring a realtor. Our knowledge of realContinue Reading

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Value and Space Are So Very Subjective

I was on vacation in New York City last week, taking a walking tour of the Greenwich Village and Chelsea neighborhoods. While on tour, the guide pointed out a street that had front yards – Actual front yards! – and was clearly excited about this 3-foot-deep patch of grass. My first instinct was to laugh,Continue Reading

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Plan to Make Your Spring Beautiful – Get Ideas Feb. 17 to 19 2012

Spring is coming, and no blustery wind can blow hard enough to keep it from greening our beautiful city. Though the days are still cold and (occasionally) rainy, now is the time to think about what you want to plant and plan for in the warmer days ahead. If you’re in need of planning ideas,Continue Reading

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When it Comes to Inspections, Wish for Rain

It was another sunny weekend here in Portland. Though I am definitely a fan of the fair weather on a personal level, professionally I secretly curse the lack of winter rain. Searching for a home in winter can have it’s disadvantages – the inventory can be scarce as sellers wait until spring to put their homesContinue Reading

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Is It Possible to Turn Your Current Home Into Investment Property?

If you’ve ever considered keeping your current home as a rental, and using this “buyer’s market” to get into your dream home, 2012 will be the time to seriously consider it. There are a lot of factors indicating that this is probably a wise decision if you have the means. Below are just a few thingsContinue Reading

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Looking a the Silver Lining, Not the Cloud

Housing market’s silver lining – Jun. 21, 2011 I thought this article from CNN Money was a good read if you’re interested in what’s going to happen with the real estate market. It makes the point that the tough housing market isn’t all bad. It’s great for first time buyers and makes homes more affordableContinue Reading

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Expect more Micro Houses around Portland

The nation’s population is predicted to grow by 150 million in the next 40 years, we can expect at least a few of those people to be here in Portland. To poorly paraphrase Mark Twain: they’re not making more land. Instead we must learn to live on it more efficiently (read: tiny footprint), as describedContinue Reading

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